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Mayor Percy Bland wins Democratic primary

Mayor Percy Bland took home the Democratic nomination in last night’s primary election.

“We’re glad that the primary is over with and now we can focus on the general election,” said Bland.

Residents showed strong support for the first-time mayor, who brought in 2,843 votes. His democratic challenger Allen Shute brought in 185 votes.

“We have delivered on a lot of the promises that we told the people four years ago,” said Bland.

He stated that growth and progress have been the highlight of his administration.

“Our employment rate has almost been reduced in half over the last four years. There’s a new Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience that we had to go out and get 60 percent vote from our citizens.”

He included paving roads and revitalizing the three-foot building to his list of accomplishments.

“We have provided raises for our officers and our fireman so that we can address issues in public safety. We have a Velma Young Center in an area that has been historically underserved.”

Bland explained why residents should re-elect him as mayor.

“Our plans going forward is to continue to work on some of the projects that we started on and to improve the quality of life for our families here in this city. I’m also going to put some proposals on the table this next term to have more job employment programs for our youth.”

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