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Meridian residents celebrate National Day of Prayer

Meridian residents joined hands this afternoon at City Hall to honor the National Day of Prayer.

“I feel like this country needs to be drawn closer to God. The only way to do that is through Christ

Jesus and God. I saw it here today. It was really awesome to be a part of it,” said Norman Williams.

Meridian has celebrated the day for the past 28 years. The observance was started by City Councilwoman Barbara Henson.

“We operate in a world that has certain entities that are evil. The importance of prayer is when we talk to God and God moves for us,” said Rev. Morris Jones.

Residents came together in fellowship and worship and prayed about various aspects of the community.

“We prayed for our city and county leaders. We prayed for our state leaders and our children and education,” said Dorothy Lloyd, who organized the event.

They also prayed for unity.