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MCC Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology students head to work

MCC graduates in the Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology Program will walk across the stage on Friday. One will continue his education and the other seven will report to work on Monday.

“A real good, spread-out variety of jobs and well-paying jobs,” said Division Chair and Program Coordinator Brain Warren.

The graduates should earn an average starting salary of at least $45,000. Some are headed into the automotive and hydraulics industries.

“One of biggest areas around here is medical manufacturing, where a lot of students are getting jobs making bone screws and spinal implants for surgery,” said Warren.

During the two-year degree program, students are taught CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control. Using CNC, students program machines to produce parts.

Warren said MCC is looking for more students to enter the degree program.

“If you’re somebody who cares about something being done right and not just good enough; if you’re into guns, motorcycles, cars, any kind of department of defense contracting job; if you’re into any of that, come see me. I’ll be here all summer.”

Registration is open for summer and fall classes. Scholarships are available for the Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology Program.

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