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Mississippi Smoke Free Coalition Meeting

The Mississippi smoke free coalition is hosting a meeting on the dangers of smoking.

“Today we are here in jasper county, we are having a Mississippi tobacco free coalition meeting. It’ is really to make sure that people gather together all for the cause of a smoke free community," said board chair Pamela Prestage

The purpose of today’s meeting, was to allow community members, to talk about the advantages, of having a smoke free community. They were also allowed to speak up, and talk about the concerns, of second hand smoke.

Shemona Odom showed off a sign and said, "This is a sign that we use for our sports complexes and all the baseball fields, football fields, that we use for our sports to educate our children. You are not allowed to smoke on any public educational sports complexes or sports fields in Mississippi.”

Prestage says they are currently working on a new nonsmoking ordinance, “With the ordinance that we are trying to do, we are making sure that indoor air quality is good. So we are making sure that people are not exposed to second hand smoke. We want to make sure that our residents that come along are aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.”

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