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Fannie Johnson runs for city council, Ward 3

Fannie Johnson, who’s running for the Ward 3 City Council seat, is asking for your vote on June 6th.

“Even when I was young I wanted to serve, so I joined the army at 17. Since I’ve been in Meridian

I’ve served. I just want to take my service to a different level,” said Johnson.

Ward 3 City Councilwoman Barbara Henson is not seeking re-election. A Democrat, Johnson is known around town for serving the homeless at Love’s Kitchen. She plans to continue this mission.

“We’ve got 3,000 homes that need to be torn down. I’ve talk to different people about putting some prevention things in place where maybe the homes won’t make it to that list. Maybe the grandmother can fix her house before it gets condemned and pass it down to her grandson,” said Johnson.

She’s passionate about helping the youth and believes in strengthening households.

“Answers about education I think need to be addressed to the teachers, to dr. Carter, to the people who interact and do that every day,” said Johnson.

When it comes to creating jobs, Johnson explained that supporting workforce development is key.

She also shared her views about crime.

“You really can’t turn crime into a positive. You can handle the way we handle it. Just more eyes and ears. I’m not saying for anybody to be a snitch or anybody to put themselves in danger. We need more lighting. If you can see what’s going on, you can report it better. More communication with police officers and better opportunities because sometimes crime comes when you think you don’t have another choice.”


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