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Downtown Building Demolished.

The temporary courthouse building at 2412 7th street, is currently being demolished.

Mayor Percy Bland says that a green space is what’s in store, at the current location.

“We are going to try to make it into a green space here, so that we have events at city hall, of course we can have another great area and great space for people to enjoy.”

City crews are working diligently to clean up the area, and remove the debris.

“We will be doing some things very special with the meridian museum of art, and other partners that we have here in the city. To make this a great space and a great venue for our city residents and other people who come to the city to enjoy," he says.

Tearing down this building, puts the city one step closer to the redevelopment of downtown meridian.

“What you see when you see bulldozers happen is, you see development, you see a progressive city. And you see new spaces that haven’t been in areas, and you see new things that make people want to come out, and get out of their homes, and enjoy some quality time with their family doing. And so, this space, once it’s completed, will be another attraction for our families here to enjoy.”

He goes on to say that he will continue to develop projects, that will help beautify the queen city.

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