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Wholesale Distribution Company, will be relocate to Marion.

The BWI wholesale distribution company, announced today that it will be relocating to Marion, Mississippi.

“We’re moving from Jackon, Mississippi to this site. We are relocating so we can service the state better and then all over Alabama," says President of BWI Robert Bunch.

What started as a family business in the 70’s, is now a worldwide wholesale distribution facility.

Bunch says, “We’re a wholesale lawn and garden distributor. Seed, fertilizer, turf supplies, golf, trees pest control. Several different types of retail and professional operators. So we have an old 35 year old facility in Jackson, and we decided to relocate farther east and we came to Marion.”

Once completed, the new distribution facility, will provide jobs for over 40 new hires.

“This location here in Marion, will have about 60 employees. We’ve got about 20 sales people that are already with the company, that will stay, that are moving. But we will be hiring about 40 more additional employees here.”

Bunch says that the project should move fast, and be completed by the end of the year.

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