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Poplar Springs Elementary Students Celebrate Art.

The students at poplar springs elementary, are celebrating the arts.

“Today is our 11th annual celebrate the arts festival. It is a day we invite artists from our community to come in and share their art form without students.”

Throughout the day, students have the opportunity y to visit various artistic stations.

“We have artists who are demonstrating their art form. We have artists who are sharing their art form and students who are creating as they go through stations throughout the day.” says lead teacher Claire Huff.

The purpose of the celebrate arts festival is to introduce students to creative thinking.

“Poplar springs is a model school for the Mississippi Arts commission’s whole school initiative. We use arts integration in the classroom. We use arts to teach reading, math, science and social studies.”

Students had the opportunity to learn about musical instruments, dance, culinary arts, and even pottery, to name a few.

“This is a day for students to see artists who love their art and are volunteering their time. Many of these artists make their living through art. So, it’s a wonderful day for children to be up close with artists to see that they can choose an art form for a career.”

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