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State Republican Party holds rally

The state Republican Party is hitting the campaign trail, this time in support of local Republican candidates.

“Municipal elections are something that people unfortunately easily overlook because of all the national news going on. We’ve been traveling the state trying to make sure that people remember that the general election day is June 6th,” said Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Noseff.

The Party held a rally yesterday at Dumont Plaza to urge residents to get out and vote Republican.

“When you walk out your door first thing in the morning, you encounter municipal government. Somebody is picking up your garbage. Somebody is paving the streets that you’re having to drive on,” said State Rep. Greg Snowden.

Meridian and Clarke County candidates were present.

“The first time I ran for office it was a close race. In the end, I was ahead by three votes. They checked the ballots and eliminated two of those. I won by one vote, so it’s extremely important when municipal elections come up that everybody go cast their vote,” said Dr. George Thomas, who’s seeking reelection for the Ward 1 city council seat.

The state representatives also shared their views about President Trump’s recently proposed budget cuts.

“The federal government is literally running out of money. They print it and spend it. The amount of debt we piled up during the Obama years - and it just wasn’t Obama now - it started in the Bush years. The amount of debt is staggering and the interest rates are historically low. If those interest rates start to rise to even a normal historical level, we’re going to find ourselves with a massive unsustainable federal debt,” said Snowden.

“I’m confident in Paul Ryan. I’m confident in Mitch McConnell. I’m confident in President Trump and that ultimately they’re going to make the right decisions for us,” said Noseff.

The Republican Party will hold 10 more municipal election rallies across the state.


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