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Nick and Al's Reopens.

A local pizzeria is back open for business after a 5 month break. Nick and Al’s on highway 19, reopened 5 days ago.

Owner Nick Lisi says, “We’ve been renovation for about 5 months. It took us a little longer than anticipated, but the customer turnout has more than made up for it. We are probably doing about 3.5 weeks’ worth of sale in 6 days.”

Although the remodeling of the pizzeria took a while to complete, Nick says, it was worth the wait. “Our customers are super loyal. As soon as that door opened, they come to support us. And that’s important to us.”

He goes on to say, that even with the delay and remodel, they are still serving the best pizzas in town. “We put our heart and soul into our food. it’s about family. We treat all our employees like family. We use nothing but the best product. We are not trying to cut cost on that. We want to bring out customer’s thing that we would eat, and that’s what we always say on our logo and the back of our shirts, if it’s not good enough for our family, it’s not good for you.”

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