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Memorial Day Tribute.

Veterans and community members came out in support of the Memorial Day tribute at the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

“Today was the Memorial Service for the Meridian area. And what we were doing today, is we were celebrating and honoring the sacrifice of the fallen that have preserved our freedoms.”

As the guest speaker for the event, Cody Perkins says that he doesn’t want people to fort the true meaning of Memorial Day.

“Memorial Day is a celebration and also to honor, the sacrifice of the fallen troops, that have fought to preserve our American way of life and our freedoms that we enjoy.”

During the event, veterans took the time to honor the names of fallen soldiers.

“The reading of the names, it should really resonate to people, and the fact that there were so many of our Meridianites and people from the local area who have given that sacrifice for freedom.”

David Sloan, a war veteran, says, that Memorial Days has a special meaning to him.

“I served during the Vietnam war, and some of my friends didn’t come back. I feel very fortunate, that I was able to come back. And I remember them on a daily basis, and especially this day.”

He goes on to say that although people tend to associate Memorial Day with Barbecues and boating trips, there is one thing we should take away from today.

“The fact that we never forget. We should always remember, those who served this country to keep our way of live.”

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