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MCC’s summer session begins

Sunny weather is here and summer session starts today at Meridian Community College.

“Our summer school students could be students who are taking a class to try to get into a program this fall or maybe taking a class in between semesters. We have part-time students as well as full-time students,” said Marie Roberts, director of recruiting and campus life.

Everything from science to math to foreign language classes are being offered. Continuing education courses are available as well.

“Our Damon fitness center is open and available. We’ll have swimming classes going on, as well as workout classes. That’s a big initiative that we’re trying to push for this upcoming fall semester,” said Roberts.

MCC will also see a large turnout for freshman orientation this Friday.

“Orientation is a day where we roll out the green carpet and really welcome those in-coming freshman students to our campus. Our upcoming session this Friday is full. We’re tentatively expecting over 150 students,” said Roberts.

During orientation, students will have the opportunity to meet professors and learn about courses being offered at the school as well as activities on campus. It’s also an opportunity to put together that first class schedule.

“They’ll have first choice on class time and teachers. We’re just really excited about being able to welcome them into the MCC family,” said Roberts.

Financial aid is available for summer courses. The next freshman orientations will be June 16th and July 21st.


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