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Mississippi Forestry Commission Budget Cuts Concerns.

Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) budget cuts are causing concern for Lauderdale County Fire Coordinator Allan Dover.

Dover says the budget cuts could put volunteer firefighters at risk and leave certain areas of Lauderdale county unprotected during an emergency.

The MFC announced this month it would cut 75 positions across the state to absorb a 16 percent state budget cut, approximately $2.67 million, for the upcoming fiscal year.

Russell Bozeman, the assistant state forester for the MFC, said roughly 25 of these positions would be in the administration while the remaining 50 positions would be those working in the field. Some eliminated field employees will be able to relocate to positions in other parts of the state.

This year's budget cuts add to the 16 percent cut Bozeman said the MFC absorbed last year.

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