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Make-A-Wish chapter hosts garage sale to bring kids’ dreams to life

With spring cleaning comes garage sales, and the Meridian chapter of Make-A-Wish Mississippi hosted one today to help give back.

“We do a Make-A-Wish garage sale once a month for two days, Friday and Saturday,” said Brenda Golisch, who volunteers with the chapter.

The purpose of the garage sale was to grant one wish to a local child living with a life-threatening

medical condition.

“Most of them are connected with cancer, but not all of them. We’ve had children with severe diabetes that qualified,” said Golisch.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the wish may be.

“Our number one wish is Disney World. Celebrities and athletes are popular, but it can be as small as a puppy or a shopping spree,” said Golisch.

Just as long as it puts a smile on a child’s face.

“Many of the Make-A-Wish parents tell us that during the process of the wish, the child actually does better because they have something to look forward to. No matter what your age is, even though we only do 2.5 to 18, we all know when we got something good going on how it changes our attitude,” said Golisch.

For anyone who’s interested in joining the Make-A-Wish effort, the Meridian chapter says it’s looking volunteers.


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