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Crime Watch Daily Airs Meridian Cold Case

Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen investigates the mysterious death of CHRISTIAN ANDREACCHIO, a young tugboat First Mate whose life was tragically cut short in what his parents say was a murder.

Law enforcement was quick to rule his death a suicide. The coroner ruled it as undetermined. Friends and family suggest otherwise. “That’s not Christian. Not Christian. Why would he kill himself?” Christian’s father Todd Andreacchio insists.

The family claims Christian was lured off his boat by his friend and girlfriend, who killed him for insurance money. “I think she believed he had a life insurance policy...I think they lured him home with the intention of killing him,” Christian’s mother Rae Andreacchio asserts. They maintain that a number of clues point to their theory, including a bloody shirt that was never collected by police. “I gave [the investigator] a bloody shirt that was stuffed behind the commode in the apartment.

A knife that had blood on it,” Todd explains. “Why did [the investigator] not take the bloody shirt? The guy did not change clothes after he shot himself,” Andreacchio family attorney Cynthia Speetjens adds. Other clues include the position of the gun, which suggests that Christian couldn’t have shot himself, and blood spatter that is inconsistent with a suicide. “In this case in the death of Christian, I feel strongly, and I’ve signed my name to a report, that I believe this was a homicide,” famed Forensic Pathologist Dr. Jonathan Arden tells Crime Watch Daily. Meridian PD declined to comment on the case. Tomorrow at 2pm on fox 30

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