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College 4 Kids at MCC

It’s the first week of the college for kid’s program.

“College for kids is just a great summer camp for our community. It gives our children something to do extra. It’s education and a lot of fun as well," says program director Tanya Thompson.

The summer program goes on for two weeks offering over 40 different classes.

“Anything from art to creativity classes, sports classes. We really offer a little bit of everything.”

Second grader Anna Terry is excited about her classes.

“I’m doing all about animals and art made easily.

She goes on to say that the best part about college for kids is the classes and how you get to make new friends.

"This is my third year, and each year I make more friends. And that just makes it way funner than it is.”"

This year’s camp enrollment is over 600 children.

Thompson says, “We start planning this program in January each year. We have like 50 instructors and 50 assistants. We play special attention to every detail. We are secure. The safety of the children come first. And it’s just a fun place to be.”

Although the camp is full this year, College for kids will be more than happy to give your child a summer college experience, next year.

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