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Same mayor, three new council members elected in municipal election

Last night, Meridian re-elected Percy Bland as mayor.

“We feel very good. We’re glad that this process has come to a conclusion. The people have spoken,” said Bland.

At the Northeast Conference Center, supporters congratulated and embraced Bland, who secured the win as a Democratic mayor with 4,056 votes.

“I tell you I’m just so happy and proud of him. He’s doing a great job,” said one supporter.

His major competitor, Independent Dustin Markham, came in second with 2,268 votes.

“I’m going to continue to practice law. I’m going to continue to drive the school bus like I do. I’m going to continue working in the community,” said Markham.

When asked if he would run again in the future, Markham replied “it was too early to tell.”

There were three other contested races. Tyrone Johnson won the Ward 2 city council seat. Fannie Johnson won for Ward 3 and Weston Lindemann won for Ward 5.

“I remained optimistic throughout. I didn’t really have doubts. I knew when I was knocking on doors in areas where there were Republicans and not Democrats and they still wanted to vote for me, I was confident throughout that,” said Lindemann.

Bland said he believes his record of progress is what helped him get reelected. He said he’s excited for what’s to come, especially with downtown development.

“We just want to make downtown beautiful and attractive and make it more of an entertainment community over the next four years.”

For the uncontested races, George Thomas was re-elected as Ward 1 city councilman and Kim Houston was re-elected as Ward 4 city councilwoman.


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