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Safe Banking for Seniors Seminar

Seniors came out to learn more about safe banking practices, while enjoying a catered lunch.

“Today we are hosting a safe banking for senior’s luncheon, and we are providing information to our community, our customers. To just let them know more of what’s happening in the community that we see that can help them be safer with their finances,"says President Neil Henry.

“We are seeing a growing problem in America. With the elderly abuse of finances. And we just want to help and get them where they can know some of the things to watch out for. The signs of keeping their personal information safe, so they can be safe and secure.”

Henry wants to make sure that all citizens are aware, of the various scamming tactics.

“We pride ourselves on getting out in our community, to educate our community about different finances with financial literacy. But this it targeted toward their needs and what they need to help prevent this from happening.”

Statistics show that seniors are being targeted more and more each day.

“With technology, the way it is today. Sometimes people don’t know what is safe and what’s not safe. SO just an estimation of 2.9 billion dollars last year alone, in financial elderly abuse is very alarming to us. And we just want to help our community and start there.”

He goes on to say that citizens national bank does all they can to protect their customers money.

“well Citizens national bank represents the power of local. And our community is local. So we want to get the word out to help the seniors and all the things that they are being targeted with and these problems.”

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