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East Mississippi Community Foundation grants available

Schools, nonprofits, and governmental entities can apply for two grants at the Community Foundation of East Mississippi. One is the Charles L. Young Sr. Historic Preservation Grant, worth $1,285.

“It can be used to help with historic preservation, like supporting building renovations, capital improvements, or special projects that are going to advance a sense of place as far as culture, history, or achievement among the African American community in Lauderdale County,” said Executive Director Becky Glover.

In the past, this grant has supported the renovations of the Wechsler School. The other grant –called the Lucky’s Legacy Grant—is worth $1,950.

“It is to support the safe-keeping and welfare of pets and animals. It’s not limited to cats and dogs,” said Glover.

This grant has gone to organizations like East Mississippi Animal Rescue and Coyote Equine Rescue and Therapy. The grant is available in all five counties that the community foundation serves, which are Lauderdale, Clarke, Kemper, Newton, and Neshoba counties.

“It can be used to help with the spay and neutering of stray animals. It’s not limited to that, but that can be included,” said Glover.

June 30th is the deadline to apply to both grants. You can get an application by calling, emailing, or stopping by the community foundation.

“Get your application in to us early. The announcement for the recipient of these grants will be made in late August,” said Glover.

She encouraged residents to assist in the community foundation’s mission.

“Anyone can donate any amount to any of them at any time to help them grow and continue to fund

the types of organizations that are supported by these grants.”


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