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MCC Broadcast Program receives generous donation

The radio people donated a check this afternoon, to MCC’s broadcasting department.

“It’s a great honor to be here today to be able to present a check to Meridian Community college as we have for the last 15 years with our career fair. We are able to donate money to the campus for the broadcast communications scholarship program. And we are here today to present another check," said operations manager Scott Stevens.

In the last 15 years, the radio people have donated close to $15,000 to the broadcasting program.

“This year our contribution towards that amount is $1600. And that goes to help out the broadcast scholarship program here at MCC.”

The $1600 check to the broadcasting department, was not only a donation, but a way the radio people showed appreciation, for mcc developing quality broadcast students.

General Manager Bryan Holladay had this to say, "MCC has a fantastic broadcasting program. As a group of radio stations, we are always looking for new talent. New energy to come into our organization. And MCC trains that talent, and sends us that talent. Again, it’s a fantastic partnership. There is great synergy there. And we look forward to continuing that partnership as we move forward."

And the radio people are always looking for new talent.

“We encourage plenty of students to come out to our beautiful campus here at MCC, enroll in the broadcast program. It is a wonderful program. There is not many college campuses that have an actual full functioning fm radio station that they get to work on and be a part of the broadcast community. So we highly encourage them to come out and get into that broadcast scholarship program.”

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