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Students learn scuba diving during MCC STEAM program

Students learned the basics of scuba diving today at Meridian Community College. This week, the college hosted the STEAM program, a program that allows kids ages 13-17 to explore their interests in science, technology, art, and mathematics. Students in the marine biology class took their first dive in MCC’s pool.

“The end goal of the class was to get them in the water so that they can experience some of the things that a marine biologist could experience, so we decided to take them scuba diving Friday in the pool. We put them in equipment, gave them some training, and now we’ve turned them loose in the water so that they can see what’s it’s like to explore the underwater world,” said Robert Sample, the marine biology class instructor.

Earlier this week, students learned about the ocean and the animals that live in the ocean. Other classes in the STEAM program included game design, mad science, woodworking, architecture, and creative writing.


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