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Stage 2 theater group premieres it's rendition of Les Miserables this weekend.

The Stage 2 theater group has been preparing for the last couple of months, for a grand performance of the stage play Les Miserable.

“The play is Les Miserable. It’s all kinds of stories intertwined together. It’s mainly about a man named Jean Val Jean. He is arrested and he goes through all of these years wrongfully imprisoned. And it’s just all these intricate stores happening all through the French revolution,” says lead Olivia Vaughn.

Jackson Kercheval who plays Jean Veljean says, this has been his most challenging theatrical role.

He says, “He’s intense. He’s got that soft side from he’s giving grace from God. SO he has the soft nature, the will to do good to help others. But at the same time he was in prison for 19 years. So, he has that hard rough side. That overprotective side for his daughter Cassette.”

And what makes this play different than others…

“This is more serious. And so, it’ s completely different. The singing is very intense. So it goes anywhere from low notes to high notes in a matter of seconds. And it’s vocally demanding and acting wise it’s very serious.”

So get your tickets because Les Miserable starts, this weekend.

“It is June 23rd and 24th at seven oclock and june 25th at two oclock. It’ is happening at meridian high school.

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