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Choctaw Indian Fair

The Choctaw Indian fair kicks off July the 12th, in Choctaw, Mississippi.

“You can come and learn about our Choctaw cultures and traditions. Learn more about the Mississippi band the Choctaw Indians. Not only that have a great time for a family vacation,”

says currently Choctaw Indian princess Autumn McMillian.

This year’s Choctaw Indian fair, is sure to offer plenty of fun, for families, and everyone included. Including, the stick ball tournament, musical guests and of course, the Choctaw Princess Pageant.

“We have the traditional social dancing and the food that you can enjoy. And we have a show, the discovery zone for kids that has a rock wall and button the clown.”

This will be the 68th year, of the festival, which had a different name, when it started.

“At first it was called the Green Corn Festival, and then it later evolved into the Choctaw Indian Fair in 1949. And then the Choctaw Indian princess pageant came in 1955.”

In which Autumn was last year’s Princess.

“The Choctaw Indian princess pageant has 5 categories. It has the media competition which is new to the competition this year. We have our one on one personal interview with the judges. We have our evening gown portion which takes place that night. Also, the traditional dress review and we have an onstage question.”

And she hopes, people take away a bit of Choctaw culture, after visiting the fair.

“I hope they leave with a piece of our culture with them. Whether it’s a souvenir book, or just pictures. I just hope they can leave with an idea of what the Mississippi band of Choctaw Indians and who we are.”

The fair runs from July 12th to the 15th.

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