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Winn Dixie store closes

A grocery store in Meridian has closed its doors for good. Yesterday, was the last day for the Winn Dixie on Highway 45 North. Southeastern Grocers, the parent company for Winn Dixie, announced two months ago that the store was closing. This left some residents disappointed.

“I feel it’s the wrong move for the simple reason it’s hurting a lot of people that have to walk from the condominiums. I have a friend up the road that has a baby. She walks here every day to get food. Where are they going to go? They can’t walk to Walmart up the road. They can’t walk to the other Winn Dixie; that’s too far for them to walk. I think it’s unfair,” said one customer.

Southeastern Grocers said the store was closed because it was financially underperforming. The company opened another Winn Dixie on Highway 39 North last summer.


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