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Camp Out VBS program is being held at Life Church in Meridian.

Starting tomorrow night, life church is hosting a camp out themed, vacation bible school service.

Volunteer Ann Wiggins says, “It’s a bible school program, we have for the children. Where they will learn to get some more of Jesus.”

Once the kids arrive at life church, they have 5 rotations they go through. One is the worship. And then snacks, crafts, bible and games.

She goes on to say, “To register your child, you can go on life church meridians website. It’s life church meridian dot coma. The VBS banner. Click on that. And just fill out the questions and it’ll send it to us. And if you can’t go online to register, we will be here at 5:00 for early registration.”

The Camp Out Vacation bible school program kicks off tomorrow evening at 5:30 at life church on Frontage Rd. and, it’s free!

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