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Clarke County sheriff urges residents to be safe during floods

Clarke County deputies and road crews are watching streets closely as floods threaten the area.

“We’ve got numerous roads that are flooded. Water is everywhere, especially on the east side of the county. It looks like we got a big deluge this morning,” said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp.

Heavy rains fell through the night up until this morning.

“Most of the county roads on the east side are either flooded or going to be flooded sometime this afternoon by the time these smaller creeks start filling up,” said Kemp.

Deputies and road crews are also watching for flooding along the Chickasawhay River, which connects to the Chunky River and Okatibbee Creek.

“This amount of rainfall is not common to this area. We usually get a downpour and that’s it. But with the amount of rainfall that’s coming with this storm this afternoon, to my understanding, it’s going to cross back over the north part of the state,” said Kemp.

As a precaution, the sheriff is urging drivers to turn around if they come across an area that looks like it may be flooded.

“If they live in a low-lying area, they need to take preparation because they may have to move. They may have to evacuate their homes.”

So far, there have been no reported accidents due to flooding.


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