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Phone scammers target Clarke County residents

Clarke County residents are advised to be careful when talking on the phone. The Clarke County Sheriff’s Department says a phone scam is going around. This time scammers are using a Clarke County phone number to call residents, saying they owe taxes. The phone number is even showing up on caller IDs as Hope Herrington, the tax collector.

“What we believe that these individuals are doing are putting an application on their telephone. They call it a spoof app. It makes it look like it’s coming from the tax accessor’s office. They’re fooling our citizens and it’s causing a problem. We encourage anyone to just hang the phone up and do not respond to any of this rhetoric out there,” said Sheriff Todd Kemp.

He added that scammers are also putting notices in the mail. He said residents should not give out their social security number, banking account information, or any other personal information over the phone. As a reminder, he said the tax collector’s office will not call you to discuss official business.


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