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Drive Sober Initiative will be in effect during the Fourth of July

Local law enforcement has come together on the EMCC Campus, to prepare for the latest drive sober or get pulled over initiative.

Lt. Rita Jack of the Meridian Police department says, “Our efforts today is to inform. The general public and the community. As we go through June 30 to July 5th on our drive sober or get pulled over campaign. We will issue citations, and do our best to remove those impaired drivers.”

Over the holiday, fourth of July weekend, law enforcement wants to remind you to designate, a sober driver.

“What we want the public to know is, save yourself some time, save yourself some money, save yourself from a criminal record. Most of all, save your life, and a life of another.”

She goes on to say that these campaigns are surrounded by our efforts to save a life. It is not to raise money.. And that one fatality over the holiday season, is one too many.

“We want to not have any fatalities. So, this campaign is such that we can make sure that the public understands and be aware that law enforcement will be outs, and we will be targeting those who are drinking and driving. “

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