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Fireworks Safety this Fourth of July

The fourth of July holiday is coming up in less than a week. And firework stands are popping up everywhere, throughout Lauderdale county.

“I’m staying here in my tent. Right on site. Safety in there that nobody comes here and breaks in and no fires," says salesman Doug Smith, who still has scars from his wild fireworks days.

“I was crazy with fireworks there when I was young and I got a few burns and marks from it there. Nothing serious, I’m lucky on that.”

Local vendors want to remind us of 3 simple rules this Fourth of July. Number 1 to keep a safe distance when lighting fireworks. Number 2 to wear fire retardant clothing and 3 use extreme caution when lighting off fireworks.

“It says on the boxes there, be sober when doing it, because it is dangerous.”

Sumpter country resident Patricia Moore says, "fireworks are illegal to purchase, in the city of Livingston, but although we can’t buy them in the city of Livingston, we can purchase them somewhere else and fire them. Because I living the city limits.”

And when it comes to safety, she suggest, “What we do is we pop them for them, then stay back. Maybe 10 feet, 12 feet, from the actual firework.”

And if you can't afford or are afraid of shooting fireworks, it's always best, to just go to a place and watch.

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