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NAS announces new training Admiral and T-45 update.

Vice Admiral Mike Shoemaker held a press conference today to introduce the new Chief of Naval Air Training and give an update on the T-45 Jet’s problematic OBOGS system.

“As you have probably seen in the comprehensive review, there was a recommendation for the next round of cnatra, next assignment to cnatra. To bring in a more senior flag officer. We’ve done that with admiral Bynum.”

James Bynum, a native of Waco, Texas, has logged more than 4,200 hours in tactical aircraft, and flown more than 90 combat missions.

“Coming in as the new cnatra, it’s my great honor and great privilege to lead this organization and to join the training team. It’s your support and the support of the other communities in our training base’s, frankly they’re the keys to our success, in our mission to training the future of naval aviation.”

He goes on to say that he looks forward to addressing the concerns of current student pilots in training, and doing what he can, to make the program better.

“So, I know as we move forward, we are armed and informed with their input, and their innovative ideas. That we will be quickly returning to generating and training the best naval aviators in the fleet.”

After the introduction of the new training chief, Shoemaker then explained the improvements needed, to get the T-45 Jet, back into production.

“From the heat exchangers, the water separators, the new monitors, and the gear that the air crew will wear, will be in place when we start flying. Instructors first, and then we will move on to the students.”

He goes on to say that the fleet of jet planes should be fully functioning, within the next eight weeks.

“So we will have about 20 airplanes across the force moded by the first of July, about 50 by mid-July and about 80 by the middle of August. And in the meantime we are still flying students and instructors in warm ups and proficiencies, with a modified mask.”

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