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Fireworks sellers see good sales

In celebration of America’s 241’s birthday, fireworks flew off shelves yesterday.

“The good Lord has blessed us with some beautiful weather after a lot of rain, which is good for fireworks. You don’t have to worry about the yard catching on fire,” said Jeff Tate, the owner of Tate’s Fireworks.

This also meant fireworks sellers didn’t have to worry about sales. The warm and sunny weather brought in good revenue for the seasonal products.

In the state of Mississippi, fireworks can only be sold from June 15 to July and December 5 to January 2.

“Last weekend you could see how people were really starting to come in. Last Saturday, especially yesterday, it really picked up,” said Tate.

Sales were also good last year, and Tate said he and other sellers are enjoying the trend.

“There are a lot of customers that come back because they know this product is kept in a climate-controlled facility.”

So what was this year’s hottest seller?

“The G-force, right here. It has 24 60-gram canister shells. Each of them have a different effect as you can see on the box. You got four tubes,” said Tate.

And for those last-minute fireworks still to pop, Tate reminded residents to be careful.

“Finding your water hose or getting a bucket of water. Taking some steps ahead of time will really alleviate that panic-type mode you’ll get if something does happen.”


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