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Downtown Meridian is Nationally Accredited.

“They've been doing a good job and as you can see, around the area, it’s picking up. They are getting ready to blacktop now. It’ took some time yes, but now we are getting ready to see results," says Terry Nevith otherwise known as Mr. Carwash.

The downtown area in Meridian, has now been accredited by main street America by the Mississippi Main Street program. The program, recognizes, those cities and towns that work to preserve the essence of their historic downtown's

EMBDC events coordinator Casey Holladay says, “It means a lot to us, just in the fact that, they saw, the progress that we are working on. It’ also gives more buy in to the program itself.”

She goes on to say that Meridian will continue to see improvements, in the downtown area.

“We always encourage people, that there is the opportunity to have a business downtown. There are buildings that are available. And there are always room to be able to put something new.”

Mr. Carwash says, “The downtown is going to grow. Give it a chance. We have that great museum coming up. It’s going to be great down here. But you have to get all the people together and give everybody a chance.”

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