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Mayor's prayer breakfast 2017

Prayers rang out, throughout city hall this morning, in support of the mayor's second term.

“Of course, you know prayer is power, and there was a lot of power in this room today for our cities, for our leaders, just for our community. So, I’m very proud of that. And I’m glad that we did have our prayer breakfast as part of reconciliation week, it means a lot to me, and it means a lot to this city,” says Mayor Percy Bland.

Various community pastors came out to support the mayor, as he takes on his second term, as mayor of Meridian.

“I learned a lot from the first term of course. And there are some projects that we are working on and I want to implement. But I think a lot of the things that we accomplished the first time around. I think we are going to be able to work on some of those things moving forward with all the projects that we have going on in the city right now.”

The keynote address was given, by Mission Mississippi President, Neddie Winters.

“Our goal is to come together. At one place and one time, and pray for our leadership. So, once a year, during reconciliation week in Meridian, the people come together and pray.”

The purpose of his speech was to bring the community together, in reconciliation.

“And so, it’s a good opportunity, for people to come together in a place like this, in a time like this, they are open, and receptive, to learning about, living out, reconciliation.”

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