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Rose Hill Cemetery production coming to Meridian Little Theater

It may look like just an old graveyard, but the Rose Hill Cemetery is actually a peek into Meridian’s past. The Rose Hill Company will be telling it all on stage at the Meridian Little Theater on July 22-23.

“We are amazed at the continued interest that people have in history,” said Anne Mckee, who’s president of the company.

There’s a lot of rich history buried here at the cemetery, and the company wants to bring it to life by re-enacting the lives of people who once lived in Meridian.

“My husband and I are Mr. And Mrs. Rubush. Mr. Rubush was a Yankee. After the war, he returned to Meridian to help rebuild,” said McKee.

The graves in the cemetery are as old as the 1850s and include everyone from socialites, to entertainers, to government officials, and even the founders of Meridian.

“There’s Mr. Ragsdale and mr. Ball, who are Meridian’s founders. They continue their competitiveness throughout eternity we say, in that they both claim to be the real founders of

Meridian,” said Mckee.

The play will also tell stories of the Gypsy Queen, the progressive mayor, and the founder of the Meridian Little Theater. Mckee explained that uncovering the legends and mysteries of Meridian’s former days can help all of us here in the present.

“To learn from the lives that are buried here, we can learn from our mistakes, and we can learn from great things that have happened.”

You can purchase tickets by calling the meridian little theater or by visiting its box office.


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