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Reconciliation Week Free Lemonade

“I trust the lord every day, and thank him for the time I had with my husband. But I miss him still, so much,” says Rev. Charles Miller's widow Jinnell who is still coping with the loss of her husband.

Her daughter Stacey says, “Today we are having, free lemonade and music at Dumont Plaza. This is the Millers family way of reaching out to the community. To offer free lemonade to anybody who stops by.”

In honor of Rev. Miller and the Miller Foundation, they have adopted the slogan when given lemons, make lemonade. Raising Canes restaurant in Meridian has donated, free lemonade and ice tea to the community, to make sure that they never forget, that tragic incident from July 8th 2003. That's when a lone gunman entered into Lockheed Plant, and murdered 6 empolyee's and injured 14 before taking his own life.

“He helped so many people," says Jinnell Miller. "And that’s one of the reasons we can carry on as we do because of the work that he did while he was here... I want people to take away the thought and the idea that we can conquer. There is nothing that can stop us, or really just get us down if we continue to go forward.””

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