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Contestants prepare for Distinguished Young Women’s scholarship program

Young ladies from across the state were busy rehearsing eight-counts yesterday at Evangel Temple, all in preparation for the upcoming Distinguished Young Women’s Pageant.

“You have to rehearse a lot obviously for the show, but it’s also so much fun,” said Neha Arora, who won this year’s national title.

The pageant is the flagship event of the Distinguished Young Women’s Program, which strives to give every young woman the opportunity to further her education.

“You can get so much scholarship money, and that’s a great thing about Distinguished Young Women because it’s truly a scholarship program. I’ve gotten over $17,000 just from Distinguished Young Women,” said Arora.

Thirty-two girls will be competing Thursday through Saturday. During the pageant, the ladies will compete in five categories, including an information session with the judges, scholastics, self-expression, a fitness routine, and a talent showcase.

The overall winner will advance to the national competition in June in Mobile, Ala. Arora said the program is not only fun but allows ladies to give back.

“We’re volunteering at Love’s Kitchen, organizing cans, unpacking boxes, and we serve food also.” It’s also a chance for young ladies to develop their full potential.

“I’m going to Emory in the fall; I just graduated high school. I’m pre-med, so I’ll be doing chemistry and neuroscience and behavioral biology,” said Arora.

The preliminary competitions will be held at the church Thursday and Friday, and the main competition is Saturday. Tickets can be purchased by texting 601-480-3438.


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