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Veterans town hall meeting provides healthcare information.

The veteran’s town hall meeting took place at MSU Meridian, allowing veterans to get answers when seeking healthcare help.

“So, we’ve been going out in the community doing town halls and outreach events, to explain to veterans what’s been going on at the Jackson, VA, the changes that are coming through. There is so much going on in the VA system right now, we want to keep everybody informed and we want to let them know that we are taking their problems and any issues that they are having with the VA serious," says Joe Vaughn of the Jackson VA.

During the Town Hall meeting, veterans had the opportunity to ask questions, enjoy lunch and sign up for healthcare.

“It’s set up for the regional office, the Montgomery hospital, the VA hospital out of Jackson, came in and told our local veterans what new benefits is going on, what’s taking place and stuff like that,” says Jeff Sibley, the local veterans services officer.

“We want them to be our advocates because, with the new choice law coming out and the secretary saying veterans being able to vote with their feet, we want them to vote for the VA and not to go outside the VA system,” Sibley said.

The new law will allow veterans to be able to choose, where they receive their healthcare. And on the spot, veterans were able to enroll in a healthcare program.

“Our biggest goal is to make sure that the veteran has all the information they need, to put forth, to get their claims and benefits for them," explained Sibley.

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