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Biblical museum opens in Collinsville

Collinsville Pastor Bill Freeman is teaching others about the Bible by reenacting some of its stories. He serves as the tour guide of a recently opened museum called the Promise Land Journey.

“The Promised Land Journey is a walk-through of a full-size model of the wilderness tabernacle that God had Moses to build. What I do with it is show each piece of furniture and how each piece of furniture speaks of Jesus,” said Freeman.

Even though the ribbon cutting ceremony was yesterday, the free museum has already seen many visitors.

“Because of the numbers that have already been here, which is about 2,000 visitors, we’re the number one faith-based tourist destination in the state of Mississippi,” said Freeman.

Visitors can expect to see a number of biblical replicas, including a replica of ancient Jerusalem, as well as a life-sized tomb.

“We also show the entire middle east. We show the promised land,” said Freeman.

He even dresses up in costume and stands on a cross. A tour generally lasts about an hour and a half, and during one tour, Freeman said he quoted at least 150 Bible verses.

“It’s a good way to see Jesus, the cross, the tabernacle, see where Jesus walked, and see God’s covenant promises with the Hebrew people.”

It took 10 years to complete the museum, of which Freeman spent $17,000 of his own money to build. He explained that he opened the museum to teach Christians about their Hebrew heritage and teach others about Christ.

“Hopefully, there will be people who come to the saving knowledge of Jesus through these tours.”

Museum tours are by appointment only. If you wish to take a tour, you can schedule an appointment at


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