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Love Out Loud Beautifies Clarkdale High School.

Love out Loud volunteers made their way to Clarkdale today, to help clean up, the campus.

“So today we are at Clarkdale attendance center. It covers the elementary, the middle and the high school. We are doing anything that helps Clarkdale get ready for the new school year,” says Charissa Shirley a Love out Loud volunteer.

All week long, the volunteers are doing various projects to beautify the campus, including painting on the inside, trimming the crepe myrtles and of course, spreading the mulch. ​​ “Picking up the trash around campus, filling in different holes that they have, wiping down desks. We’re praying over their campus. We prayed over their staff this morning, the ones that were here. And, just showing Gods love through everything that we do today.”

Clarkdale is just one of the many Lauderdale County schools, slated for a love out loud, helping hand.

“We just love on our community. We have another set of crews, at the city schools. That are doing the same thing at all the city schools. From Meridian High down to all the elementary schools but, here at Clarkdale today, we have 97 working,” Shirley says.

She goes on to say that the objective it to make sure that the community knows, how much they care.

“The main thing is not only showing the students that we care but just letting the staff, administration, the bus drivers, everybody, coming back to a fresh new year. It’s easy to get into the same old same old every day, and just us coming in allows us to do a lot of beautification for their campus, and just to encourage the teachers that they are not alone. And that they do have community support," Shirley added.

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