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City may sell vacant lots to residents

There’s quite a few empty and overgrown lots scattered around the city, but residents may soon have a chance to put them to use.

“We’re developing a plan right now, so that if you live next to that lot, for a little bit of nothing you can possess that lot,” said Ward 4 City Councilwoman Kim Houston.

It’s called the Adopt-A-Lot plan and city council members discussed putting it into effect in yesterday’s work session.

Council members said the plan is a way to address vacant and abandoned properties, making it easier for residents to purchase them. But right now, such properties have so many fees attached to them.

“From where we tore the structure down, to back taxes, to just all kinds of things. This will give them an opportunity to basically have those fees waived and become property owners,” said Houston.

She explained that once residents own the property, they are free to repurpose it.

“If they want to put a community garden there, if they want to put a basketball court there so we can keep the kids out of the streets by playing basketball.”

She added that around 60 properties in the city are currently available.

“If for some reason the person that lives next to it don’t want it, then we’ll move to the people on that street and give them an opportunity to get it. If they want it, then we’ll move to residents of Lauderdale County.”

City council members will decide on whether to implement the Adopt-A-Lot plan during a city council meeting in August or September.

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