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Last Chance U Premieres at EMCC

EMCC hosted the premiere of season 2, of the Netflix original documentary series, Last Chance u.

“Netflix being gracious enough to send us the first version early, and to get a chance to get all of our fans out to see it, to get acclimated to it before it officially releases later tonight,” says Marcus Wood, the former offensive coordinator.

Students packed in the theater at Stennis Hall along with coaches, faculty, staff to enjoy the world premiere of the award-winning documentary series.

“I think it’s going to tell a great story about a lot of kids. And, I think you get a chance to see a lot of kids that have the opportunity to come here and springboard to the next level so, hopefully a lot of positives from that.”

Defensive lineman, Chauncey Rivers, who came to EMCC, after a drug charge, at the University of Georgia, says, “Well you are going to see in the season, where I came from, how I grew up, and all the mistakes I made. It made me grow up as a person, as a young man just to understand the things I can accomplish in the, the things that I’ve been through. It made me work harder. And now I can appreciate my past.”

And he gives this advice for young athletes, with big aspirations to play in the NFL one day.

“First off, don’t make the mistakes I made. I’m a young man, I’ve made mistakes because I didn’t always make the right choices in life, or always make the right decisions. So, make school your first priority and concentrate, everyday work on your craft, and make it your first priority. And just take it from there.

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