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Neshoba County Fair from July 21 -28.

From, Cabins, to horse races and high-flying rides, the Neshoba county fair is happening right now, just outside of Philadelphia.

“The fair itself is celebrating 128 years of existence this year. And it started because there was a group of farmers in this community, who wanted to show each other what they had grown on their farms that year, “ says fair president Gilbert Donald.

What started as a 1-day event, has now turned in to a weeklong celebration. And now, the Neshoba County Fair is celebrating it's 128th year and still going strong.

“The present board who is operating this fair, tries to keep the traditional stuff, that they started it for. We still have that. We have the 4H club shows, the cattle shows and all of that. Sure, we’ve had to add to it, but the theme and the purpose of the fair, and why it started, we still try to live with.”

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