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Homeless man journeys from Tennessee to California with the help of sled dogs

Perhaps you’ve seen him travelling in a lawn chair strapped to a skateboard pulled by two Siberian huskies.

“We’re coming from Knoxville, Tenn., and we’re headed to Venice Beach, Calif., a journey of a little over 2,500 miles,” said Georgie Cutright.

The man and his two companions, Sarah and Lobos, have trekked 400 miles to get to Meridian. So, what’s their mission? Simply, to bring joy to all those who may see them.

“The people are so great here. There are really amazing people here in Meridian,” said Cutright.

Since the trio can’t travel on the interstate, they have go through backroads, a journey that’s sometimes challenging with bad weather and at times dangerous. They’ve received death threats before.

Cutright, who’s homeless, started traveling with his dogs two years ago after losing his job as a carpenter in Knoxville. One day a woman saw him.

“She goes, you ought to just have them pull you all the way to Venice Beach. I was like yea, all the way across county?” said Cutright.

And on his way he went, attracting the attention of social media and media outlets.

“At that point, I understood it was bigger than myself.”

Cutright wants to use his journey to break down misconceptions about the homeless.

“That everybody is just out to be lazy and that all they want to do is sit around and party and just live out in the woods. That may be true for some, but for a lot of people that go homeless, their intention was not to do that. They lost their joy and hope.”

A man who at one point may have been down on his luck, has since found new purpose. When

Cutright lands in Venice Beach, he plans to start an outreach mission for the homeless. Though in the meantime, he’s grateful that his journey has touched others.

“I’m not cool, but this is. It’s such a pleasure for me to know that me, a homeless man, a guy with nothing to offer but his faith in god, could do something so amazing in life.”

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