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Riding bikes, building homes, and changing lives

It all started with a prayer, for the Fuller Center cyclists.

“So, the bike adventure is a fundraising extension of the Fuller Center for housing, which is a nonprofit organization based in America's Georgia. We have riders from all across the country, and we are riding from San Francisco, CA to Savanna, Ga,” says trip leader Henry Downes.

The Fuller Center Bicycle group rode from Newtown, Mississippi to Demopolis, Alabama making a pit stop in Chunky.

Rider Meredith Fitzpatrick says, “This morning we started in Newton, MS and we are on our way to Demopolis, Al. I’m excited to go to Selma and Tuskegee and visit some really historic cities. I’ve never been to these places so I’m excited to go there.”

The final destination is Americas Georgia, which is the headquarters for the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. And for the next 8 days, they will be racking up the miles, for a good cause.

“All the riders have fundraised about $1 per mile, that they ride, so together we have raised about $300,000 for the Fuller Centers affordable housing ministry.”

Making it possible to help would be first-time homeowners across the county.

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