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Meridian Day at the Fair was all about Politics

It’s Meridian day at the Neshoba County fair, and this morning at the pavilion, it was all about politics.

“Yeah, I was talking about accomplishments, and things that we have done in the attorney general’s office and we continue to do to protect our kids and our elderly from all the scams and internet issues and pornography. Then I started taking about opioid issues. That we are trying to deal with and preparing for it. How we are trying to train our law enforcement officers. So those are some things that we are trying to do in our office,” says attorney general Jim Hood.

Other members of congress, came out as well to address the community, and their concerns, regarding the future of the state of Mississippi.

“You know some big corporation is not going to come in and save our state. People think, these large out of state billionaire international corporations are going to save it. But it’s our young people. And we can’t let them keep leaving. That’s the innovation. That’s what builds business and small business in the future.”

As for any aspirations as the next governor of Mississippi…

“I’m looking at it. I’m doing all I need to get ready for it. Run for governor. And I just see it. So many republicans have encouraged me to run. And they know that unless something changes, what we are doing is not working.”

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