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Jimmie Rodgers Foundation Appoints a New President

“What we want to do is, tell the Jimmie Rodgers story, better than anybody else," says Ed Snodgrass the new Jimmie Rodgers foundation president.

“The Jimmie Rodgers foundation is here to promote the legacy, to tell the story of Jimmie Rodgers. We want to retain artifacts, and the collection. We have a museum. We promote a festival we have each year. Annually, it’s the longest running music festival in America. Next year will be our 65th year.”

As the new foundation president, he is no stranger to Jimmie’s legacy.

“So I grew up in the Jimmie Rodgers arena so to speak, and I suppose being so familiar with that. And having connections to the relatives of Jimmie Rodgers immediate decedents in Texas and California, really puts me in a good position to move the board, move the activity in new directions.

Here at the Jimmie Rodgers grave site, fresh flowers are kept out, for a man, not only known as a staple, in the city of Meridian, but a legend in the world of country music.

So, what does he plan to do different.

“The community can look forward to having a more dynamic museum, sometime in the future. Where we will have events going on, there will be activities surrounding the new themes that we rotate thorough the year. And a little more than a display of artifacts which is what it has been for a very long time. There is nothing wrong with that, but we can do it better though.”

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