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New Teacher Orientation for Meridian Public Schools

“So we are training teachers to be able to deliver instruction, in a way that most beneficial for our students," says Kimberly Kendrick, the Meridian Public School District Human Resources Director in support of this morning's new teacher orientation, at the MSU campus.

Meridian public-school district is welcoming, about 60 new teachers who will be teaching middle school, and high school, throughout our district today.”

Most of the teachers who showed up today, were products of the recent school district job fair.

“We hired about 100 new teachers to our school district, based on our teach meridian campaign, and our job fair that we held back in the spring.”

The new teachers look forward to being a part of the Meridian Public school district, and reaping the benefits of its incentives.

“We offer the opportunity for teachers who have a bs degree to earn a master’s degree or a specialist degree , through the Mississippi fellowship forgiveness program. Because we are a critical need district. And also for the love of our students, you are very much needed here in our district.

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