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Grand Re-opening of 5th Street in Downtown

The community, business owners and leaders, all came out for the grand reopening of 5th street.

“The conclusion of our mdot project for downtown on 5th street. We had the commissioner Dick Hall here. We had a lot of other people from the state come down for this. We’re just glad the project is completed; the street is back open and business can start to have their regular activity with traffic flow. We are ready to rock and roll," says Mayor Percy Bland.

For almost 5 years now the intersection at 24th street and 5th street, here in downtown Meridian, has been closed, due to construction. But, with brand new bricks and the beautification process finished, downtown Meridian is ready, for new businesses and tourism.

“We’re going to be getting with all the business owners pretty soon, and talk to some of the land owners to see, what are some of their needs are to reopen business or possibly sell land to other investors who may want to come in and do business down here on 5th street.

And with the completion of the 5th street project, here’s what mayor bland says It will do for downtown meridian.

“Making it safe, first of all, making it be family friendly, and being attractive so more people will want to come out and play downtown.”

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