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TSA announces new security procedures for electronics

Changes are coming to Meridian Regional Airport. TSA has rolled out new screening procedures for carry-on electronics.

“In the future, anything bigger than a cell phone will have to be removed from your carry-on luggage, placed in a separate bin, and inspected separately by the TSA,” said Tom Williams, president of Meridian Regional Airport.

That includes tablets, game consoles, and medical equipment. TSA announced that the changes are due to the possibility that terrorists may hide explosives in electronic devices.

“I think there are about ten test airports where it’s beginning now. Slowly over the next few months it will come to other airports. So, it has not started yet in meridian, but the day is coming when that will happen,” said Williams.

The new TSA regulations could increase the amount of time residents spend waiting in line. Therefore, Williams gave some tips on how residents can catch their flights and get to their destinations.

“Think as you pack. Think about the things you’re going to have to get out, put them on top where they are easily accessible.”

He also said to put liquids less than 3.4 ounces in a plastic bag. But overall, Williams explained that residents shouldn’t have much to worry about.

“Meridian is a small airport. We never have more than 50 people in line at one time. The way our flights operate, you’re not going to get backed up and congested at an airport like Meridian, the way you would at a bigger airport.”

TSA says there are no new changes to what travelers can bring through the checkpoint. To learn more about TSA’s security procedures for electronics, you can visit


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