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MSU-Meridian’s Riley Campus Courtyard opens in Downtown Meridian

“Today we are commemorating this wonderful new plaza, the Riley Campus Downtown University campus plaza” said Mississippi State University president, Mark E. Keenum, as he unveiled it’s new, downtown courtyard.

“This has been a vision of ours, to have a place where people can gather within the amp theater here. For our students and faculty and the community. They can use this for events and other exciting things going on downtown.”

This new courtyard is Mississippi State University’s latest effort, to improve the conditions, in downtown Meridian. They want to make sure that students feel as comfortable here, as they do in Starkville.

“We’re seeing a growth spurt here in this community, and that’s something that we are passionate about. We want more students coming to MSU Meridian to get their college education, prepare them for their life. And we want to grow our presence here and strengthen this community, in every way we can.

And today is one more step, in the right direction.

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